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Managing workloads in Cloud Provider environments (IaaS) is daunting when there is only a single provider. Now combine two, three, or more providers and add in the complexity of price, performance and jurisdiction to the mix.

Mad Cow POW!, by Adams Technology Consulting, is our first product to provide an automated way to manage workloads locally and through other providers, all from a common web, mobile, and API method access.

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Gavin Adams

FEATURES what it does

Multi-cloud - Azure, AWS, Rackspace, or your standard cloud

Pick by Metric - Deploy workloads by cost, sovereignty, or performance

Web, App and API - Monitor, manage, and maintain through multiple interfaces

HERE WE GO coming soon

Beta acceptance mid-2015 (Stay tuned!)

Windows and Linux Operating Systems - running workload migration

United States, Canada, Bermuda, and Guernsey

Hyper-V and vSphere Private Cloud Integration